What it does?

z/Scope Anywhere is the ultimate remote access solution that brings you connectivity to almost any type of computer from anywhere, passing through firewalls, NAT routers and proxies.

z/Scope Anywhere works under Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on Windows 2000 or superior.

With z/Scope Anywhere you can:
  • Access your Home/Office computer from Anywhere.
  • Copy and paste text between computers.
  • Transfer files.
  • Print documents remotely.*
  • Bring your remote computer sound to your local computer.*

* Pro and VPN plans using Microsoft® Remote Desktop.

But, what makes z/Scope Anywhere different? z/Scope Anywhere also gives you:

  • Access all your corporate PC and Mac using VNC/Remote Desktop from anywhere!
  • Access all your corporate Unix Servers with VNC, FTP, Telnet and SSH, from anywhere!
  • AAccess your central corporate computers (UNIX, AS400, IBM Mainframes) from anywhere!